Bash question **Lodash Library**

Hello, I am working on the Lodash Library project in the Web Development course and I am having trouble using bash outside of the Codecademy website. When I execute the command node test/clamp.js in the 6th step of the project it passes the tests on the website, in the terminal, but when I use the bash shell I have downloaded for VS Studio it returns ‘bash: node: command not found’ in the terminal.

I appreciate any help, thanks

A few things could be making your bash console on vscode not recognize your node install. For example, have you restarted your computer after installing node? In some cases this fixes the issue right away

I tried restarting my PC and still returning bash: node: command not found

It could also be an issue with how vscode is using the cmd and bash terminals. I’m assuming you are on a windows machine?

If you are on Windows, have you tried doing

node --version
npm --version

inside a command prompt to make sure everything is working correctly?

If both are installed and show a version, also try to: CTRL+SHIFT+P to bring up the menu in vscode, look for default shell and choose command prompt

That should insure that when you do View > Terminal, that terminal will be a command prompt and should work!

Yeah using Windows. I tried node and npm in the cmd and neither give a version. Saying they aren’t recognized or operable programs, internal or external commands or batch files. I reinstalled Git Bash again and still not working properly.

Sounds like you don’t have NodeJS and npm installed in your system. Have you tried downloading and installing from here?

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Thanks, I bet this will work. I know very little about node.js. I have not progressed in the course to that subject yet. Thank you!

I am having the same problem.

I downloaded and installed Node.js from the site recommended above, checked inside command prompt, and selected command prompt in vscode.

I get the same message in the terminal:

‘node’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Check if this helps!