Bash problem

I don’t understand why nothing appears.
in this video of codecademy at 3:58 the version of sqlite appears but my bash is empty. why is that? I follow the instructions to the letter.

this is my what appear in my bash

altabz@DESKTOP-GA93FQG MINGW64 /d/learning/sqlite-tools-win32-x86-3420000
$ ./sqlite3.exe acs-1-year-2015.sqlite

below this line a version of sqlite should appear base on that video by my bash is empty. below the line.

! :slight_smile:

Did you run the executable file?

winpty ./sqlite3.exe

3.Try running sqlite with the command winpty ./sqlite3.exe. If that command opens a sqlite> prompt, congratulations! You’ve installed SQLite.

nothing no respond but i follow the instruction although my is the update version compare to the video it’s same .