Bash pasting

Hello there! I’m new to this forum, so may i know why whenever i want to paste something on Bash i can’t do so?

specifically in the course or on your local machine? For local machine, you can use ctrl + shift + v and right click then select paste

in the lesson, both right mouse button (then select paste) and ctrl + shift + v seem to work. If you use a Linux OS, you can also use the mouse buffer by mouse wheel click.

for me ctrl + shift + v does not work, and I cannot right click and paste in terminal. Is there something other that I am missing? I am on windows and use firefox.

Edit: ok, seems that firefox is the problem. In chrome pating works. Somebody got a fix for that, is I really don’t like using chrome…

and ctrl + v also doesn’t work? Seems weird that none of these approaches work. I can’t reboot to windows now, so will have to test this later.

ctrl + v in a bash terminal types “^V” for me. For now it seems pasting inside a terminal/bash shell when using firefox is not possible