-bash: conda: command not found on Mac after installation Miniconda3

Hello, everyone!

After installation of Miniconda3 (Miniconda3 macOS Intel x86 64-bit pkg) on my Mac OS High Sierra and typing in Terminal “conda --version” I get the following message: “-bash: conda: command not found” instead of conda’s version number. Thus, I cannot continue with my career path - coding on my laptop.

Does anyone know how I could solve this problem?

Great thanks!

What happens when you run echo $PATH ?

Is miniconda added to your PATH variable?

Maybe something in the forums could help? Or the documentation?


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lisalisaj, thanks a lot!

I’ve managed getting Miniconda3 by installing Miniconda3 macOS Intel x86 64-bit bash, instead of Miniconda3 macOS Intel x86 64-bit pkg.

But now I have trouble installing Python packages.
After executing “pip install pandas” i get the messages: “ERROR: Failed building wheel for numpy” and “ERROR: Could not build wheels for numpy, which is required to install pyproject.toml-based projects”.

The same happens with other Python packages (sklearn, matplotlib, seaborn, nltk, bs4).

Do you know how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Did you Google that error message?
It means that your version of Python and NumPy aren’t compatible.

What version of Python did you install? I’m guessing it’s 3.10(?) In the Terminal:

Python -V

There’s an issue with 3.10 & NumPy (you can see further explanations if you do some research). See:

You could then upgrade your version of pip. Check the version first:

pip --version

Then use pip to install NumPy, etc.

Are you doing this to use Jupyter Notebook? You could also check out Google Colab. It’s an app based in the cloud and the format is similar to Jupyter. Colab is just an app that you add to your Drive. You can write and execute Python code in it. I use it to do all my DA & DS stuff. (just a suggestion).

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Hello, lisalisaj!

[quote=“lisalisaj, post:4, topic:678012”]
Are you doing this to use Jupyter Notebook? You could also check out Google Colab.
[/quote]: Yes, exactly. Thanks a lot. For now I have to use Jupyter Notebook, because it is required by the course I’m doing right now. So I have to solve that issue anyway.

I’m still stuck. Tried to do everything that is said in the instructions and in your message. No result.
Then I uninstalled both Python 9 and Python 10, and then installed Python 10. Inspite of that, the Terminal sees Python version 3.9.12.

Still getting the same error trying to install NumPy.

Sorry for a bit chaotic response! :slight_smile:

The issue is with Python 3.10 and NumPy. It needs to be version 3.9 (or less). You don’t need to have the latest version of Python. I have 3.8.1 on my machine.
You need to make sure that you’re installing these Python libraries in the correct location on your Mac. ( where Python 3.9 lives)

Did you update pip? You need pip3.

What I’m saying is that you don’t necessarily need to use Jupyter notebook to do the data analyst or data scientist projects. You can use Colab (you can import CSV files just as you would in Jupyter).


I hope that helps.

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It helped!

Thanks a lot, lisalisaj! :blush: )

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