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Hi fellas!

So I have a question, could someone tell me that what is bash in command line course? I did not understand it 100% actually. According to my research bash is a linux specification inside the operating system.

When I wanted to do some examples on my pc(win10) on CMD, I could not do anything :slight_smile: According to internet is is quite abstract I think. I asked this on reddit and some guy told me that " GET BASH FOR WÄ°NDOWS" what does this mean?

Thx for already.


bash stands for born again shell, its part of unix (linux and macOS are derivates of unix)

Linux a kernel (the bridge between hardware and software), GNU/linux is an OS just like macOS and windows (GNU is free public licensed software)(the term Linux is often used for GNU/linux, even though technically speaking linux is only a kernel)

Given GNU is free and open source software, there are many distributions (flavors) of GNU/linux (given everyone can modify the source and freely distrubite it under GNU license), one of the linux distributions is Ubuntu, which is managed by Canonical Ltd company/organization, which in collaberation with Microsoft introduced a Linux subsystem for windows 10

enabling this subsystem gives you the ability to run BASH on windows 10

then there is Cygwin which also allows you to run BASH on windows (also for earlier versions of windows)