Bank Teller project solution for feedback

Hi there, as usual, I’m sharing my Bank Teller solution for feedback.

You’ll find it on my GitHub page: GitHub - almorcrette/bank-teller-functions-codecademy: This is the solution of a Codecademy project aimed at introducing Jupyter Notebooks to data analysis students. It involves building functions that run key bank teller operations: adding money to an account, moving money across accounts, withdrawing money from accounts.

I found this one fun, and as I’d recently completed the Python 3 course, it made me think about building this out with some classes to set up some user and session classes, and put these functions under the session class. A session would be created when a user submit a matching user name and password, then the bank teller functions become available. Could make them time-lapsing using datetime functions. Think this would be fund. Will post this up when I do this.