Bank Teller Project Feedback

here is my code

Pleasedo provide me with any feedback that you see fit. It would be much appreciated. Also, let me know if there is a better way to share my code for this project than through Github

hey buddy, great work on this it helped me out having a look.

i got stumped on the two varible at the start not updating properly but your like of code below sorted it.

can you explain why this works as it makes no sense to me and seems like a bit of a curveball that was thrown in to the project.
my code was similar but the part you wrote in stars made it work!
can you explain please?


savings_balance,checking_balance = make_deposit(“savings”,10,checking_balance,savings_balance)

Yeah, no worries.
the function make_deposit() returns two values, you need to store each value in a separate varaiable. If you store the output in one variable, that variable becomes a list and then you need to store each element of the list into a variable.
Hope this helps!