Band Name Generator - React App

I got some help from some developer friends, but I have been slowly poking at this React app project to generate random band names. I came up with the idea after I read that one of my favorite bands, Tokyo Police Club, got their name from a site like this.

-Used VS Code for my IDE
-This project is deployed on GitHub pages, so it’s easy for you to see it without having to pull it down yourself
-I don’t know much CSS, so I can’t take credit for the pretty button style, I did a lot of google-copy-paste
-Could use a little work so the button doesn’t move around when first clicked or in some mobile-instances when the generated band name is too long
-The random words are just a handful of words I thought of. There is an array of adjectives and an array of nouns. There might be better ways to source these random words and add them to the project–if you have any ideas for how to do so, I’d love to hear it!

I’m one of the leaders of the Detroit chapter. We actually did a little React workshop yesterday, which is what motivated me to pick at this project a little more today! We recorded the meet up if you wanna watch it. :slight_smile: