Baffled by incompetence

Hi Guys,

This is not a rant or complaint, I was just wondering if some of you more experienced Coders have some tips on my experience.
Over the course of the last 2 weeks I have completed the “Learn HTML” Course and the “Code Foundations” Lessons and progressed to the “Build a website with HTML, CSS and Gitub Pages.”

I understand the material in the course and how I can use it BUT than I got the task where I look at a code which is faulty and I have to repair it and I looked at the code for hours ( I understand it and what it does, just think it’s written in contrast to what I have learned so far. But I tried different approaches until I tried to set up the pages from scratch and failed miserably.

I was very confused by how the HTML page was written and by the CSS as well.
To cut a long story short, I had a look in the solution and was very confused by how little changes were made and what was expected from me. But I would not have been able to fix it. So I think my question is, am I putting to much pressure on myself ?
What do you guys do to practise, as I don’t have people lined up to make simple websites for them, I am running out of options regarding what I can make a website for.

Hope this was not to confusing
Kind regards

Hey Lucas,

Don’t worry if you are spending hours on a problem. That just shows your drive what tells me you have whatever it takes to succeed (not cliche) but if you really cant solve a problem then check the solution and do a little research. There is no point to try to fix something that you dont have experience. Plus you have 2 weeks of experience so dont worry about incompetence. With time and dedication you will succeed.

What kind of projects have you already built?

Wish you the best,

Hi Gvido,

Thanks for the kind words.
I haven’t build anything except the projects I was given by codecademy.
I downloaded every page and code I worked on into my Vs code and played around a bit.

I want to change my circumstances, that’s my drive, I ahve enough of hospitality :joy:

Kind regards

Hi Lukas,

I’m not that experienced. I have been learning to code for over a year now while also doing school stuff. My advice that kept me going is to just keep working for it and doing fun projects. You’ll eventually get there.

Best wishes,

Thanks bro, for the kind words.
I will burry my head in code :smile: