I completed the Javascript course, I got 35 badges on my profile, but I can't share it !!!
I'm not a pro user, should I have a pro user to share the badge?

Another question:
I would like to share the last badge on linkedin. How can I do it?
I don't have the button on the badge that you say on the help

Thanks in advance for your help


So far i know you can't share badges, they exist on codecademy only. You could of course provide people with the url of your codecademy profile. But, it would be much more effective to build your own projects, and put them on github to build a impressive portfolio


Hey cloudrunner34285,

So I tried this and it seems to work, on LinkedIn you add education and type codeademy the logo will came with New York address, select that one for school, then on description you can past your codecademy badge path eg: