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what is an “accepted answer”? Is it an answer someone liked?

hello there why did you unlist this post? Is there anything wrong with it?

no, it is the marked as solved, the green check button: this reply solves the problem.

i dont get it! no one has answered or solved my query yet!

someone needs to mark one as your answers as problem solver:

that button right there where i placed the cursor on. And no, you can’t re-list topics.

hello, someone has marked my post as the solution… but i dont get the achievement!

I understand how important this might seem, but really, in the grand picture does it actually hold any real water? If this is just an Easter Egg Hunt then what real gain is made on your own behalf? That you get to fill your basket? Rewards are not something that we trick the system into giving us because we know it will. They are something that we are genuinely surprised at receiving after giving our all to deserve them. Is this what you see yourself doing?

@mtf, theres no need to be defensive; im merely asking a query about codecademy’s system.

What you are asking is not any part of CC’s system but an effect of the Discourse community system they have employed, which is entirely apart from CC. So it’s really not their system. They didn’t invent this Easter Egg Hunt, Discourse did.

What easter egg system???

The reward system that is built in to the Discourse forum to encourage participation. Unfortunately it tends be attract the wrong kind of attention on this particular forum.