Background Shorthand 7

Can someone please tell me what’s wrong with my code it wont let me move on and I already tried everything?

#cover {
background: url(“”) no-repeat top center;
height: 900px;
position: relative;
top: -55px;
width: 100%;

please give a link to the exercise you are on background shorthand 7

I also have the same error on the “Background Shorthand” section

Have also pressed “Get Code” to receive

background: url(“”) no-repeat top center;

and still unable to progress


I have the same error. After trying to run several times i got a message that says “Having Trouble?” and there are two options ‘Keep Trying’ and ‘Get Code’. After a few tries i selected ‘Get Code’. I run the page again and I still get the same error.

I think there is a bug on the evaluation of this exercise when you click RUN, because even the code that loads when you press ‘Get Code’ its not valid. I am 100% sure that I did the excercise as instructed.

Codecademy, please check whats wrong with this lesson so we can keep learning with your great page.

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Yeah the whole HTML course seems super-buggy since the re-launch. I’ve submitted a bug report, hopefully will be sorted soon.

In the interim, as a workaround I changed it from id=cover to class=cover in index.html and then changed #cover to .cover in style.css which did the trick.

Have you tried changing the id into a class instead?

Can confirm that this did work, also suggested by @avici!

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This work around took care of my error also. Thank you.

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