Background reading in Javascript?


I’m stuck on Mini Linter , and the next Build Minesweeper Project is beyond me. At this rate I won’t finish the course. But I paid for it and I want to learn. Can anyone recommend a good book for beginners? I started month ago with the free version of the course and got stuck 55% of the way through it. Now, I’m getting stuck much earlier in the course. Every new lesson seems to skip over big areas. What’s really happening is that I’m not making connections between what was in a past lesson and what’s in the new lesson, so I can’t call on previous material and the suggestions/hints no longer help. A book, perhaps?


I am personally not a huge fan of books (for programming that is)

you could try another free resource like freecodecamp and keep practising :slight_smile:


I understand, but to start another course, even a free one, before I finish this one seems like I’ll get further off course? I’m starting over with Day 1. I need to find what I’m missing.


Maybe practice on your own with what you learned? Programming is learned through experience


Exactly. I need practice.


Same here. Things were going well until the Mini Linter. I’ve spent entire days on this project and looked everywhere for a clue as what am I missing, but that is confusing me even further. Would be so beneficial to suggest alternative exercises that cover the gaps between the lessons and the projects.


Yes, these projects really take things to the next level.

The trick is to break the problem down into steps. Take it one step at a time, maybe just use loops (and not complicated built-in methods) to solve the problem.

solving problems is difficult, its what makes programming difficult. It takes time, effort and practice to learn. Persistence helps here.


Thanks for the encouragement. I began going back to lesson one and I think
it won’t take very long to get to the Mini Linter. Your suggestion to solve
it one step at a time, breaking it down into specific solvable problems
seems like a good way to go!
Cecilia D.


If its one big problem, it seems daunting, if you then break it down into steps, it seems a lot more manageable.


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