BackGround position bug accuring! [SOLVED]


It gives an error that the anser is incorrect EVEN with get code! this is not the only exercise when that problem apeared! i've reported the problem with the last one it happend and they fixed it! so they know that the error is going on and still they just DO not fix it entirely! Let them fix this problem!

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Stuck at background-position?

Rest your browser's window resolution to 100% and try again if the problem persists please report this as a bug in the lesson. :slight_smile:


its Always been on 100% and I already DID reported it! thats the problem here they did fix it once then the next lesson it does the same i dont know why!


thanks for the help tho


I seem to be having the same issue, is there a way of progressing past this whilst a solution is found as I am now stuck



I'm having the same problem and now cannot proceed :frowning:


Here is a screen shot of the error. This is lesson 6/12 for the HTML/CSS Tutorial for images


Hi there, i am having the same issue here, it's been three days now and can't proceed. I really would like someone to have a look at it if possible !
Thanks in advance...


THats why i made this Topic! I want someone to look at it!


I seem to be having the same issue, did yours workout yet.


Have you tried using a different browser?

I just tested this exercise using Chrome 54.0.2840.98 and Firefox Developer Edition 51.0a2 on macOS without any issues.


yeah it works with firefox but it didn't work on explorer.


cover {

background-image: url("");
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: center top;
height: 900px;
position: relative;
top: -55px;
width: 100%;


Hi, I have the same problem in Microsoft Edge, but in chrome it is work properly.


I encountered the error using IE. Just tried it with Chrome and Safari and worked with both.



I too have the same issue. However, IE 11 is my only browser option. Are there any other options other than changing browsers?


nope it does not work out yet


i dont think so. i juste intalled Chrome and it worked just fine. i just finish this lesson and Switch back to IE. In case any other Bugs occur.


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