Background Pic and Color?

So I have two questions. First, how do you get a background while making a webpage, and second, how do you get a picture as a background while making a webpage.

What have you been shown in the lessons, thus far? background implies CSS.

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Yes but is it possible to get color on the back of your webpage with HTML?

Those points should be covered early on in the lessons. What lesson are you on, at present (post a link to the exercise, please)?

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I am not trying to figure this out for an exercise I am using HTML to make a website but I didn’t know how to do this so I came here…I did codeacademy a couple years back but forgot how to do this. So can you either tell me or show me where the lesson is?



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it is best to apply background color and background image in css
like so
background-color: #e9e8dc;
background-image: url(images/backdrop.gif);

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