Background image not displaying on Github Pages

This is driving me crazy. I finally got the rest of the images within the HTML displaying properly after I deployed the site on Github Pages. However, I can’t get the background image on the “Meet the Baker” section of the page to display. I followed the same techniques that fixed the rest of the images on the page, and it didn’t work. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I’ve included a link to the repo below.


This has to do with the url you’re providing in the css.

In the line:background-image: url('./cupcake_line_lg.jpg'); the ./ tells the program: in this directory look for this file.

Your image folder is not in the same folder though. So you would have to try something like url('../Images/cupcake_line_lg.jpg') in your css. The ../ accesses the parent directory (resources) which houses your target directory (images).

Apparently you managed to see it in the middle of me playing with it. Anyway, it turns out I got it fixed and it was my Chrome that had a cached version of it without the background image that it was still displaying. I opened it up on my phone and it showed up just fine. Then opened it in an “incognito window” where it wasn’t cached and it displayed just fine. So, cleared my cached versions and it showed up just fine. Thanks for the help!