Background image is not showing in Github Pages

Hi everyone, I have struggled with the problem that my GitHub pages is not showing background image in the CSS, but it works in localhost. I tried to change the directory several times and it doesn’t work. The background image should appear in the “Our Mission” and “Location” parts. Here’s my repository and live pages:

Repository: GitHub - minkcodin/Flexbox-Project-Tea-Cozy
Live pages: Tea Cozy

Hello minkcodin,

I believe I have a solution to your problem. I have opened a pull request to your public repository since I am trying to learn Git and Git & Hub. The explanation for the background images not showing up is included in the pull request.

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I merged your pull request, but it seems the live page is still not showing the image…

It is for me. Two possibilities I can think of:

  1. You didn’t give GitHub Pages enough time to update the live page before you checked
  2. The old .css is still cached in the browser you are using. In this case you could try using incognito mode, a different browser or clearing your browsers cache.
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Yes, it works for now. Thank you!

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Yeah, I’m try, Thank you!