Background image/ image uploading as jpg

very new to coding. i am having problems actually getting an image or background image. How do you change an image to jpg or png. i have gone to google images/unsplash but noticed none ends as jpg. do i just add jpg to it.

anyway when i do add the jpg to the end of the <img or url in my code, the image doesn’t come up . i apologise i have no link to attach.

how do you turn an image from google images or unsplash to jpg and where do you save it. in a root directory? watched some you tube vids but still cant get the hang of it. please help, about to give up

I’m not sure what you mean but I think your asking how to put an image on a webpage that is a jpg?
If so,

You have to change the file not the code:
“image.png” --> rename to “image.jpg” then save and put it in your website.

thank you, but i have tried renaming my image to xxxxxxx.jpg but when i add it to my code using or url " ", it doesn’t reflect.

‘my images do not render in the browser’

May I see your code?


This problem is an unknown problem, however I know how to fix it! Go to, click upload, put your image in the box, click upload, click embed codes, click HTML full linked, copy the bit after <img src=", stop after ", paste to your code, and try. Contact me for more help