Backend engineer interview coming up need advice

Hi everyone I have a intern interview for backend engineer and I don’t have much experience on backend very little. I am pro member is there a course on codecad that you can recommend I posted the requirements for the job here

technologies : Protocol Buffers, gRPC, Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, ElasticSearch, Redis

Knows about AWS technologies like; DynamoDB, S3, RDS, ElastiCache

any recommendations would be great


What is your experience? Do you know anything about those technologies? I would suggest researching them and also reviewing basic interview questions for the role you’re interviewing for (behavioral, tech, and case q’s).

If you don’t know certain technologies, that’s okay. (companies often look for a unicorn candidate anyway). Stress what you do know as well as your ability/openness to learning new technologies to become proficient in them.

I do not have experience with those technologies. Is there any projects you can recommend?

What I would do is look at a bunch of job posts for backend engineers, create a spreadsheet with the requirements for each job you review and then see which technologies/nice to haves are requested the most. Then either here, at codeacademy, or somewhere else, focus up on those while you are doing your internship.

Unless they’re looking for an intern that knows their stuff and they’re just trying to get free work, you should be okay.

Edit: I missed that you were interning, I read it as if you were applying for a paid job :clown_face: