Back end engineering career path materials

Hi all! I have recently switched from the (no longer offered) web dev career path to the back end career path. I about a quarter through the path, currently doing part 9 (fundamentals of operating systems). I have noticed one massive difference to the web dev and front end modules i have been doing: the back end specific learning materials is all external! I have had to read through so many external articles over the last days of learning and I am starting to get a bit tired of it. Besides the fact, that i really miss putting my knowledge into practice, I am wondering who wrote this material. I am paying for a pro membership, yet all the materials I use have been written by other organisations. I don’t mind this occasionally - obviously it is important to know how to use MDN for example. But i feel like whole sections of the back end path are being outsourced - including following other platform’s tutorials (at least parts of them). I wonder if other learners have noticed this? Have you followed the back end career path and does this change at some point?
Also, does anyone know how to get in touch with codecademy other than their chat function? I would actually like to give some feedback on my experience but have not been able to find an email address or anything.

Hey Scout, this is great feedback, thanks for reaching out. You can get in touch with us directly here. I’m sure that if you write in with that link that your feedback can be rerouted to the right place!

I know our Curriculum team has been working on backfilling the career paths with more of our internally-written content and has an audit and overhaul coming in the next few months. Back when they’d incorporated a lot of external content initially, part of the idea was that new developers should learn to consume material from multiple sources like MDN in order to be successful in a world where there aren’t tutorials for what people are paying one to do! I’ll flag this post to my colleagues on that team. Thanks again!