Babel Install Error | Front-End Apps Course

I am trying to install babel on my machine as part of Exercise 5, "Transpilation with Babel under Transpilation and Browser Compatibility for the JavaScript intensive course, “Build Front-End Web Applications.”

Screenshot of the error attached.

When I was going through that excercise I found that it took quite a bit for the results of each step to actually show up. Maybe try waiting for the node_modules folder to appear (step 1) before moving on to the next steps. Step 3 is supposed to create a folder called lib (in your files window).

The result of step 3 took especially long to show up for me - I think I even refreshed the page iirc.

Did you ever have a script not found error when you transpired locally?

Sorry, I think that screenshot threw me off.

For some reason I didn’t realize you are trying to get this running locally. I never got the impression of having to install babel locally as part of the excercise. So unless it did install locally via the shown page in your screenshot, I didn’t install / run it locally. No, I never got a “script not found” error.

The excercise, however, I passed it with only a minor issue of having to wait a bit for the created folders/files to show up.

Not sure about this but the script “build” (“build”: “babel src -d lib”) is being looked for in the file package.json - which I can’t see in your screenshot. Also I believe a file called .babelrc might be required? Pretty sure the folder node_modules is required for babel to work properly, though.

Are you sure babel was set up properly?

This is what the folders looked like for me, it’s probably needed at minimum for babel to work:


No worries. I’m wondering if I need to change directories to babel-cli.