Azure devops python api with jupyter notebooks

Hi, trying to filter data

from azure.devops.connection import Connection
from msrest.authentication import BasicAuthentication
import pandas as pd

Set your personal access token (PAT) and organization URL

personal_access_token = ‘’
organization_url = ‘Azure DevOps Services | Sign In

Create a connection to Azure DevOps

credentials = BasicAuthentication(‘’, personal_access_token)
connection = Connection(base_url=organization_url, creds=credentials)

Get the core client

core_client = connection.clients.get_work_item_tracking_client()

work_items = core_client.get_work_items(ids=[231900], error_policy=“omit”)


I am trying to find the method call that will return the history of each azure user story and run analysis on each state, how long was it in refinement how long was it in development, testing, uat etc… and see what status is holding up our development life cycle

here is the python azure devops api GitHub - microsoft/azure-devops-python-api: Azure DevOps Python API i’d argue not very helpful

I doubt many people have worked on this situation, but just asking just in case, i can’t find a method call that returns history