Azure appears white not blue

In the Olivia Woodroof Portfolio css-exercise there is one task to change the color of the h1 tag to Azure. I have done this with

h1 {
  color: Azure;

But it results in a white text. But Azure has to be a kind of blue (#007fff). If I use the rgb-value I get a blue color.

Note that also in the accompanying solution video the color Azure seems to be a kind of white and not blue color.

Any idea what is wrong here?

I dont think this is right. The hex value of Azure is #F0FFFF. Here are all the colors css recognizes by word and the hex/rgb values that come with it.

It is indeed very white but still a bit blue.

Oh thanks. That is strange because I took my value from en dot wikipedia dot org slash wiki slash Azure_(color) but also from other websites like 99colors dot net slash name slash azure or colorhexa dot com slash 007fff.

(Sorry, I am only allowed to write two links)

But looking around I have seen this blueish white also: htmlcsscolor dot com slash hex slash F0FFFF
w3schools dot com slash colors slash colors_names dot asp

So I am a little confused. Are there two colors Azure?

By the way: In my understanding, Azure is a deep blue because we use this name for the dark blue sky and for the Italian football team (Azurris because of their blue dress). :wink:

I realy have no idea. I think css has its own values on named colors.

Personally i always use the hex or rgb value and type the name of the color in comments behind it. This will atleast always eliminate confusion.

Good to know. Thanks for your tip with rgb/hex values and color names as comment behind it! This is better and prevents confusion…

No problem, good luck with your exercise.