Ayuda! Help!

def costo_hotel(noches):
    return 140 * noches
def costo_del_vuelo(ciudad):
    cities = {
        "Córdoba": 821,
        "Iguazú": 941,
        "Ushuaia": 1280,
        "Bariloche": 1848,
    return cities[ciudad]

def alquiler_de_auto(dias):
    costo = dias * 338
    if dias >= 7:
        costo = costo - 100
    elif dias >= 3:
        costo = costo - 50
    return costo
def costo_viaje(cuidad,dias,otros_gastos):
    return alquiler_de_auto(dias) + costo_hotel(dias) + costo_del_vuelo(ciudad) + otros_gastos

print costo_viaje("Bariloche",5,600)

This is my error...

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "python", line 24, in
File "python", line 22, in costo_viaje
NameError: global name 'ciudad' is not defined


please insert your code with indents. Paste your code, select it and press Ctrl + Shift + C or even better place it between three backticks/backquotes before your code and three backticks/backquotes after your code.
Also tell us what problem do you have with your code, what error message do you get.


Can you help me...
I'vs already did what you said...


Hey, let's analyze your error. It says, that in line 22 in function costo_viaje you have not defined name 'ciudad'.
If you look closely to the arguments for function costo_viaje you can see, that probably there is a typo. You have put 'cuidad' instead of 'ciudad'. Change it, and it should be fine.