AWS Route 53 Suspended my account - not sure why?

I followed the “Deploy a website” tutorial a few years ago using AWS, Route 53, and GitHub. It disappeared a few months ago. I think I need to reregister my DNS. Today I tried to do that but if I click on route 53 , it says my account has been suspended. I updated my membership to AWS to “Developer” instead of “Basic” but that did not go through either. So given I’m only at a “basic” level of AWS service, I cannot get anyone’s help. I would have paid the fee for it but the suspension prevents it. If anyone can help me get my web site back, I would appreciate it. Or would you recommended hosting it somewhere else instead? I’ve heard of others but I only ever made a custom website by using AWS/Route 53 and GitHub by following the “Deploy a website” tutorial on Code Academy. I have a PRO membership with CA. Thanks for any help and advice. Karen West (My web site used to be:

Sounds like you’re in a nasty position! Most people here don’t have a lot of experience with AWS. I’d recommend contacting Amazon customer support directly, they’re normally pretty good at helping.

A suspended AWS account can result from outstanding charges which need to be settled.

Given that Route 53 allows you to register domains and host/manage the DNS for them, and I can see your domain’s renewal date is around 9-10 June, I wonder whether the payment method you have set up with AWS expired. If Amazon were unable to process the charges for renewing your domain, or the ongoing costs for the Route 53 platform, this might have lead to their suspending your account.

Regardless of the underlying reason for the suspension, you can find assistance with reactivating a suspended AWS account here. (You should have received an email advising you of the reason for your AWS account being suspended, btw.)

If there are no past due charges on your AWS account, or your account has been suspended for some other reason, you will need to contact AWS Support to resolve this issue as Alex suggested. It’s not something we can fix for you.

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