Awesome JavaScript Game On Codebit! [More Comming Soon!]!

Hey here is an Awesome Java Game! I think you love it! Tell me if there are any improvments to make!

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More coming soon! Sorry its a Javascript game

Bump t. Bring my post up

It’s good.   

Thanks a lot @jibblyj

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I just went through it. There’s a couple of bugs on positioning, and it’s kind of hard to figure what or where to go next. Looking at the code the comments helped me understand where you were going with this, however I’d suggest making the game a little more visually supportive. Other than that your code is great. I hope to see this when it’s all flushed out.

Yea ima make it better visually. Thanks for the feedback @lolman. Just made it a tiny bit better by adding a backround image!

when you press back to go back 1 frame. the window witch tells you what’s around you gives this message: undefined.

Hmm wierd. Ah, i have to look at through the code.

Any more comments??.

can you make a random spawn area everytime you play?

Hmm, i will try to adjust it

Tried to but had some :bug: in it when i tried. I wil fix it in another place! Thanks for feedback

hope you manage to make it one of the best games on CC!!! :smiley: :smiley:

That would be lovely :smile:

Will make a RPG Soon!!! Either using Java or Javascript!! :smiley:

Random Spawn Area. :white_check_mark:

Hello amanuel2 I have not played your game because that is my whole purpose in going through the Codecademy curriculum. I would like to recommend an asset creator however, InkScape cannot be beat in my humble opinion for asset creation. My icon is an svg that I created utilizing InkScape. My icon is simple compared to what InkScape is capable of. If you already have a preferred asset creator disregard my recommendation.

Currently doing another framework of javascript, but what exactly is an asset creator?

How can I change the Mexican flag and the country too to american flag and United States country?