Aviz cu privire la această limbă. (Secțiunea greșită, poate?)


Html. Lucru ușor pentru a obține chiar a început pe. Dar această limbă nu are probleme chiar și eu trebuie să se ocupe pe termen lung .. Vreau sa spun, ca un starter Python cred că HTML este un limbaj OK. Python .. Nu atât de mult. Bine. O să trec direct la subiect.

  1. În opinia mea, HTML este utilizat pentru costomization de site-uri web. Dar, într-adevăr, ceea ce este punctul de a învăța asta? Un profesionist poate face acest lucru mai bine decât chiar tu. Doar du-te mai departe, cum ar fi Wix sau ceva, și de a face site-ul dvs. de acolo. Este asa usor. Dar eu nu sunt critisizing oamenii care învață această limbă.

  2. HTML este dependentă de deschidere și închidere tag-uri. Dar este OK. Uneori uitați să-l închidă, iar dacă aveți cum ar fi, o mulțime de linii de cod, apoi copleșitoare sale. Cred că HTML este un proctice bun pentru (uneori) scris repetitiv. Serios? În sesiunea mea scris de ea, trebuie doar să repet scrie

    și peste si peste. Dar, repetarea devine, de obicei, se concentreze pe.

HTML este un bun limbaj de scriere, dar mă îndoiesc într-adevăr de învățare mea cu ea oricum.


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Opinion on this language. (Section wrong, perhaps?)

Html. Easy to even get started on. But this language has no problems even I have to deal with long term .. I mean, I think as a starter Python HTML is OK. Python .. not so much. Good. I'll get right to it.

In my opinion, HTML is used to costomization of websites. But really, what is the point of learning this? A professional can do this better than yourself. Just go on like Wix or something, and make your site there. It's that easy. But I'm not critisizing people who learn this language.

HTML is dependent on the opening and closing tags. But it's OK. Sometimes you forget to close it, and if you like, a lot of lines of code, then his overwhelming. Proctor think that HTML is a good (sometimes) written repetitive. Seriously? In my session writing it, just write again

and over and over. But repetition is usually focus on.

HTML is a language for writing good, but I really doubt my learning it anyway.


At one time, the professionals did not know HTML, just like us. Then they took a class, just like this one. And they practiced, just like we are doing. And by practicing they became good enough to be professionals. If we practice enough, our websites will be just as beautiful as theirs. That is why we learn.


My opinion on the language, (however unwanted it is since I actually haven't done anything in HTML), is that it's something that is useful to know, because I believe all knowledge is useful, but that it's something that not every programmer has to learn. Obviously front-end developers would want to learn this for the point of a job as well as they probably enjoy front-end rather than back-end, but personally, if it was me who needed a website, I'd probably do it with an automated website maker like you mentioned, Wix, Weebly, etc.
HTML, however much we might not like using it, manipulating it, learning it, etc, is a big language that brings SO MANY PEOPLE to coding. In so many stories and introductions that I've read, people have said that they were unhappy with somebody else writing their website for them, so they wanted to do it themselves. This is not how I got started in programming, but I do understand the appeal of being able to customize and manipulate websites. All in all, though HTML might not be something that you want to learn, as a language it is obviously needed because without it we wouldn't have websites. It's important that people continue to learn it, but that doesn't mean that it's something that you or I have to learn. :slight_smile:


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