Avast, ye develubbers: A Portfolio project!

Hey all! I’m just about finished with my portfolio project, take a look if you have a bit of spare time.
And if you feel particularly majestic, please leave a comment with your suggestions, feedback, and all that sweet knowledge!

So how this went? Like…

  • It was really hard for me to start working on it, then managed to “plan” for like 2 weeks. then I started, then stopped…on and off for a month or so :smiley:
  • the actual work took like 10 to 15 hours maybe, not sure 'cuz much procrastination.

The repo:

The site:

I hope you like it!

(oh, btw there’s only a dark theme, except on the main page[partially], you can switch tho :smiley: )


Congrats on getting a portfolio published! That’s huge! The background on the dark mode main page is really pretty, too. Love the colors. The hidden nav bar on scroll is great, as well!

In terms of improvements, purely from a design/UX perspective (what I’m good at), there are a few things that could probably be improved:

  1. I would consider making the navigation links more visible than just the hamburger menu, since they’re kind of hard to “discover” when hiding in there. I guess it depends on whether you want people to find them easily or not, but I feel like “Contact” is especially important if you want people to reach out to you! Since the top menu is hidden when you scroll anyway, putting text links there wouldn’t be a big deal. Or you could compromise and put them in a footer nav bar, so people only see them if they scroll down to the bottom.

  2. The icons under “Skills” on the “About Me” page are a bit small in comparison to the text, and due to their color, kind of fade into the background. This is probably something you want to emphasize, so making them bigger (or just have them grow in relation to the text size) would be good. It might also be nice to have text descriptions of them for people who don’t recognize the logos–mouseover text or an animation revealing the name/description of the skill on mouseover/click could be good!

  3. This is really a little thing, but it’s good to make sure your site is unified by color palette throughout. The background on Projects/Home and Contact have similar feelings, but About Me feels a bit out of place with the light colors. Just something to consider; like I said, not super important (unless you’re aiming to be a designer, then it might be).

Overall, it’s a very nice site! And definitely good work on getting through the procrastination! Keep up the good work! :+1:

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Hey you! Thank you for this Great review!

I definitely want to change that about page BG asap, didn’t get around to it yesterday, also gonna add actual info about myself.

The nav bar went through a lot of changes, and I wanted to keep the dropdown after I added the scroll effect, so I can reuse it. I’ll rearrange that tho.

also the tooltips for the icons is a great idea & easy fix!

great help, thanks again!

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