Autorenewal with no reminder

A year ago today I bought a 50% off yearly subscription to Codecademy.

Life got in the way and not long after subscribing I stopped using the service.

Having been that long I, of course, did not remember that this subscription would autorenew today, so imagine my horror when I logged into my paypal and saw an almost $200 charge that I had by no means planned. Living in a third world country, I might add, $200 is no small deal.

I immediately cancelled the subscription, but, even though it’s been less than 24hs since the renewal, there seems to be no way to actually cancel it and get my very much needed $200 back.

Is there any hope for me?


We unfortunately can’t help with billing issues here, but if you send a ticket to they’ll be able to, they are usually pretty awesome at taking care of this sort of thing :slightly_smiling_face: