Automation id for python

Hi Python Team,

I am completely new to Python, so my question might seem silly. But Please help me out !

We are at present using Test Complete for the purpose of our project automation.

Test complete internally has a spy tool which is used for fetching object id’s which would be useful for automation.

I am now planning to use python for the same purpose. I would like to know if

  1. Python has a tool for spying objects for fetching the object id’s which can be used for automating
    , else can I use object ids fetched from another spy tool and use it in python ?

  2. Can I script with python in sikuli ide ?

  3. Once I get the automation id’s what function should I use for python to recognise the object using id and click on that object on the screen ?

Thanks and Regards,


How about writing up your own function?