Automatic text color choice inconsistent with example code

I don’t have a specific link to provide, but the colors of the parts of the line of code in the sample text are not accurately mimicked (at least on my Mac) in the code editor. This is true regardless of which class I’m working through.

As an example, when I put a field name in some of the SQL training in my code editor, it keeps the same light blue as the code before it. It does not turn white like the sample code until I add a second variable.

It’s a small thing, and does not affect me too badly because I have some experience with code and code syntax already. But, it might be confusing for true beginners.

We get people asking about this every now and again, but ultimately the IDE - whether that’s the code editor in Codecademy, or one running locally on your computer - is there to help the programmer out, not to guarantee that you’ll write 100% functional and absolutely correct code all the time.

Whenever someone pops up and says “my text for xyz is the wrong colour”, we generally set them right with “it probably doesn’t matter, if the code works!”. :slight_smile:

Agreed it works, I just mean if a complete beginner is using the color to learn the parts of code, it might get confusing to them.

But if it’s something that depends on the IDE, I take your point that there’s only so much you can do about it.


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