Automatic extension Object.prototype how? Read for more details


It is regarding 29. So meta I cant take it.

"If we have just a plain object (i.e., not created from a class constructor)
recall that it automatically inherits from Object.prototype. "

Then my question is when i will create a new object(plain), 
would following line of code execute?

Object.prototype = new myObject();

Shouldn't it be like?

myObject.prototype = new Object();

Now I most certainly be wrong, but Can you shed some light on how it
automatically extends Object.prototype? 

Thank you in advance.


Please read the following article's and then rephrase your question...

An object has one or more properties, separated by a comma_,

A property has a property-key and it's associated VALUE

The VALUE can be anything from:

•Object  ◦Function/'Method'


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