Automated Librarian!

This is the portfolio project to CS102 on the Codecademy Computer Science course. It incorporates linked lists, nodes, and some recursion as part of the course material. The rest of it was done to taste.

The goal was to make a recommendation program for the user where the user could search books by category. The goal quickly became focused less on the recommendation side of things, and more on the searching functions and welcome splash-screen.

The welcome screen itself had by far the most intricate work, with effort made to display multiline strings on the same line, organized in a 2, 1, 3 size rank, balanced vertically around the largest multiline string, with a title centered below the multiline strings centered around the middle one. Second to this in difficulty was the searching function, but it wasn’t nearly as hard to make.

This was meant to be a small project, but it became most of January of 2023’s free time.

If the welcome screen has issues on your device, it’s meant to be displayed in unicode braille symbols. Windows 11 may fare better than 10, due to disability inclusion efforts from Microsoft. Online recommendations for fixes mainly mention registry edits… which might not be ideal. If so, try running the source files in an IDE in lieu of using the executables.

Let me know if there are any bugs or unwanted errors in the program.