Automated algorithms for detection of vulgar inputted information

Does anyone know of any tools or algorithms that are used to detect vulgar or inncorrect information on app platforms that allow people to leave reviews, self made sentences, etc and go directly live onto the app for all end-users to see?

If not, then are there any practices that certain apps use to prevent such things?


That depends, you would need something that is compatible with your app. So depends how your app is build (which tools and languages and so forth), then you would need to see if there is a package which you can integrate in your app.

Do you happen to know of any packages (generally) that some developers have used? Or examples of apps and what they used?

askismet is really popular for preventing spam for wordpress, not exactly what you look for.

Like i said, its impossible to say, what languages does your app use?

Please provide a bit more information, do you have an existing app? Are you now responsible for maintaining this app? Its so difficult to answer your question without any additional information.

Is it an android app? Ios app? Hybrid app? Web app? Languages used? There isn’t one magic tool/solution here to solve all of your problems.

React Native and just in development phase of both android and iOS dual app. There is a website portal that allows the input of information from a person that will display on the app for public viewing. The input on the website to the app is where the filter is necessary. (vulgar language, incorrect spelling, etc)

there seem to be existing services for this:

These seem to have extensive functionality to integrate into your app.

But, as you are developing the app, always consider the pros and cons of using a package or writing the code yourself.

you can also google for additional packages.