Autoformat shortcut in Codeacademy platform?

Hello everyone!

I’m just starting the Web Development Program, and i’d like to know if there’s an autoformat shortcut that corrects the tabulation. I’m thinking about something similar to “ctrl+t” in Arduino or Processing. I’m doing the tables part, and when i copypaste code fragments it ignores the tabulation, and i have to correct it by hand.

Thank you!

Good question, and one for the engineers to tackle. Tagging @oduffy to see if he can scare up someone to take on your question.

As far as I know there are not very many keyboard shortcuts. Seems @zystvan drummed up list some time ago. Must be here on the forums somewhere.

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That could be cool, but it sounds like something of an edge case improvement to make, and we’re also trying to make sure that learners get down the basics before using a lot of shortcuts.

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I’m not that much of a shortcut user so if there’s another way to do it, i’ll use it.

I use autoformat because otherwise each time i add some code, or i have to copy and paste some bit i spend a lot of time formatting. But the main use i give it is debugging: it lets me know if i left a bracket or a tag unclosed and where it is.

The CC LE does have a linter in the background, and it uses syntax highlighting so one can tell by the color of a new statement if the previous is properly completed. It also indents on recognized code structures, though one might have to initiate it. It’s not a bad editor, on the whole.

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I just joined the platform, and this was the first feature I wished for! If we had this it would make life easier.