Hello Everybody, I’m New. I tried to see if Codecademy had autocomplete but it doesn’t. It would be great if Codecademy would add autocompletion such as Variable Autofill, Keyword autofill, etc. Does anyone know where I can suggest a Codecademy Feature?

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In my opinion I think one of the major reasons why they wouldn’t have added that so far is that while autocomplete does help with speed and efficient coding, it’s not so good for memory retention in the long term. In general writing everything out yourself helps with actually learning the content as it’s a case of repetition, the more you practice and the more code you write, the more you’ll learn over time.

While it’s absolutely convenient, if you’re using autocomplete tools you aren’t actually writing a lot of the code, the editor is for you, so you just aren’t getting that repetition and muscle memory that’s so important when learning to code. :smile:


I agree with what @notlyall said. But I do think in workspaces there is full autocomplete and in lesions, the content from 2+ modules ago is part of the auto-complete. Becasue like what @michaeldaniels386403 said when you need to scroll back and forth for variable names and stuff like that.