Auto lesson 10 CSS The Box Model

I’m at the Auto I stuck on the part where you have to set the width of the .pull-quote class elements to 350 pixels and I did

  1. .pull-quote {
  2. width: 350px;
  3. }

And I did but it said, "Did you set the width of .pull-quote elements to 350 pixels?"
I did, I don’t what I did wrong. I mean I did right can you someone explain what I did wrong?

Try the same code but properly formatted,

.pull-quote {
   width: 350px;

Please share full code and exercise url, you might have an error somewhere else in your code. You have might have accidentally put an additional } or forgot to close one. We can’t deduce from those 3 lines what the problem might be

I try but it didn’t work.

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