I’m currently looking for web developers (not students who just learn it) living in Austria who took Codecademy courses in the past (or who still do). I already tried it with linkedin, xing (Austrian/ German version of LinkedIn) as well as facebook. However with linkedin even with the recruter version you can only see persons if they are in your broader network. In xing are not really a lot from Austria. And I didn’t find an appropriate group in which I could look.

Anybody an idea?

Did you check over on the CC Discord server? There are a lot of international learners over there.

Exactely, learners, I was looking for professional developers however :wink:

There might be some on there or here, for that matter. Not everyone who takes CC courses is a newbie to coding. There are a fair amount of people who are professionals want to upskill.

Did you check out meetup dot com by any chance?

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Thanks for the hints! I also didn’t know meetup dot com :wink: