Australian meetups virtual or in person

G’day all

I am just wondering if there are any meetups in Australia, even virtual ones? I live in Brisbane Australia and want to meet some more programmers out there but unsure how to! I have been studying Java at uni, but on my break I want to start the front end web dev course on codecademy. Any advice or tips for meeting other programmers would be great


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Hello and welcome to the forums.

New Codecademy chapters are starting up all over! I realize that Melbourne isn’t nearby, but, there is a chapter there:

Or, maybe you can start your own? :slight_smile:

Also check out

Happy coding!


Hey Jono, I’m down in Melbourne and just starting out on the Full Stack path here on codecademy.

If you find any others, let me know!


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You or @method7622052261 could also start your own Chapter. Just saying… There’s nothing that says you have to be an expert to start one, just have the desire and energy to start pulling people together, which it looks like you are already doing. :wink: