Audio and Video don't go live after running

I am practicing semantic HTML and found out that audio and video that are inserted don’t go live on my webpage when I run it.

Also, anyone knows how to insert audio or video file from our own computer? Your help is highly appreciated

This is the practice sheet I’m stuck with in terms of inserting audio and video.

Hey @ireneingyinn36476741 welcome to the forums.

It looks like the workspace you gave us is either not right or private. Also in the title just put a small description of your problem and details of it in the body of the post.

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Hey Ethan,
Thank you for pointing it out. I just changed my file to public. Please have a look at and help me out if you can. Thank you so much.

It’s working now. Basically, for Burmese Curry, a link won’t be a valid file path for anything. You would use the iframe YT gives you or use the source video. This is the same with the audio for Burmese Tea Shop Meal.

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I tried as per your suggestion and it works. Thank you so much.

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