Attributes question for dummies

I know it’s silly, but this colors confuse me a lot.
why are the colors of these attributes different???

Could you copy paste to the forum:

the code
the exercise url

Please? Thank you :slight_smile:

[](http://Sure, here it is!)

And your code?

my code is in the screenshot, and the function is working and it’s correct, I just have a theoretic question.
anyway if you want my code:

const reportingForDuty = (rank, lastName) => {
return `${rank} ${lastName} reporting for duty!`;
console.log(reportingForDuty('private', 'Fido'))

Fido somehow is a different color then Private.

Working from screenshots is not very pleasant

There is very little theory too it, seems to a problem with the editor. Put the code in my editor, looks fine. I wouldn’t worry about it.

I understand it’s not, but my OCD doesn’t get the color in codecademy. in my editor works fine too!

there isn’t much to get, the colors are wrong.