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I have done this ID attributes lesson every which way I can including copy and paste for the lesson example and still it does not consider it correct. It will not allow me to move on past this stupid lesson and I am now frustrated with this program as even the hints section doesn’t explain what the actual issue is

Hello, @bit4942046131, and welcome to the forums. Could you post the code you’ve tried, please?

<div id="intro">

The first instruction:

Add an id attribute with the value "introduction" to the <div> tag that’s below the The Brown Bear <h1> heading.

Frequently the SCT for the lessons will only accept the exact input expected which in this case is “introduction” rather than “intro”.

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It also appears that you changed the skeleton code that was in the editor when you started the exercise. You shouldn’t have an <h1></h1> tag with “Introduction” in it. The first several lines should be the original code with the id attribute added:

  <h1>The Brown Bear</h1>
  <div id = "introduction">
    <h2>About Brown Bears</h2>

Ok so now I have to start all over again?

I would suggest clicking the reset exercise button image ,
and starting from the beginning. Resetting the exercise, will restore all of the skeleton code the exercise started with. You only need to add the id attributes where indicated by the instructions.

ok it looks like the reset worked. I will now try to insert your suggestion

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Thank you for the help what you said all worked and I can finally move on to the next question.

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