ATTN: Codecademy Product Manager


Great product you have. I would HIGHLY recommend that hypertext link on coding concepts (as a way to refer back to a topic previously covered) be available on all course modules where applicable.

It’s frustrating to refer back to a coding concept, for example I need to refer back to a “Truthy” concept on a Javascript learning module but there is no hypertext link to “Truthy”, yes I could just ‘Google’ it but I don’t want to loose my train of thought.

Keep up the good work.




Thanks for the feedback, Keri! That’s a good idea.


I really loved the conspects you gave after each course in SQL, i.e. ‘Table Joins’, ‘most used SQL commands’, but I miss some of it in Python. Would love to have conspects with what I’ve already learned so it makes it easier to remember them when going forward. I’m specifically referring to the Data Science course.