Attempting Full-Stack Engineer path for the 2nd time, need advice about my progress

I was doing the Full-Stack last year, through an outside training company.

As I had some previous experience with HTML/CSS and programming, these parts along with the basics of JS didn’t cause much difficulty, until I got to React/Redux where my progress slowed down a lot. At the same time I procrastinated a lot and struggled with motivation, so as time started running out, I panicked and started skipping over the material and didn’t complete many of the projects along the way. I got to 94% progress.

I then decided to sign up again but in the meantime I had a few months break and I lost the momentum, a lot of the material evaporated from my head. Now I have about 6 months left and really want to finish it.

But I’m now not sure how to approach the progress and the material I had already covered. I am really tempted to reset it and start with a clean slate. Then go over the material from scratch, I would go over parts I know but spend time on what’s more difficult, and do the whole thing properly. On the other hand, it’s a shame to lose 94% or progress. I thought I could just go to the bits I don’t know that well, but since I ticked almost all the boxes along the way, it’s hard to know which these are and especially as they all link together and flow from one lesson to the next.

What do you think? Should I reset the progress?

If you think you need a fresh start on everything, I would recommend that you reset the whole progress and give it a fresh start.
If you think you are proficient in some parts of the path – like HTML/CSS – I would not reset the whole progress, because it would be a waste of time and pretty boring to repeat sth that you master entirely. In this case I would recommend that you go through the path from the very start and look at each lesson and exercise closely. And if you think that you could need a refresher, reset the exercise or lesson.
Keep in mind that if you reset the whole path, you could quickly tick the boxes of the exercises – but not those of the lessons. You would have to repeat each and every lesson.

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Thanks @mirja_t !
I think your suggestion not to reset the whole thing but go lesson by lesson is a good one.
Resetting the whole thing is applealing because I like the feeling of starting from the groud up, but it may be not the most effective use of the time I have left.

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