Can i use Atom for javascript,and other coding,not just html ?
If yes for what ?
Thanks,but anyway i don’t understand very good javascript,and it should log on the console when writing ?
I am writing but there is not logging,i think it is the preview(when i learned in right appeared a thing),like at html when you see the site
Thanks and a good evening !
EDIT:Can you write git in it ?I think no,but i don’t know 100%


Yes, you can use atom for nearly all (if not all) programming language

of course, for some obscure languages syntax highlight might not exist

you can write java, javascript, c, c++, c#, python, ruby, html, css and many more in atom


I personally use atom and on the bottom right corner of the screen on an untitled new page you should find a button that says plain text. Click on it and it should pop a whole list of languages to choose from. Hope this helped!


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