Atom.exe is nowhere to be found!

Issue involving Atom

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I downloaded the AtomSetup.exe earlier, and installed Atom correctly. After closing it, Atom.exe was Nowhere on my computer, so I couldnt start it up!
I searched everywhere and nothing! The only way to start Atom is to open AtomSetup.exe and wait 30 minutes for it to install - to close it and have to redo the whole thing!
I can't find any help anywhere on it. Suggestions? :slightly_frowning_face:

During the install did you add a shortcut to the taskbar or desktop?


There is none :confused:

Even if there was and I didnt check the option,
The program is still nowhere to be found- atom.exe doesnt exist

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Did you check your Control Panel to see if it is in the Uninstall list?


Oh yeah, It’s there! - it popped up on my desktop out of nowhere once I got on control panel. Thanks alot! :star_struck:
This cheeky program has wasted so much of my time today.