Astrology Fortune teller console generator

I found this to be a great first project. The difficulty is right what it should be with the focus on using the git/forms/software as the focus. I just did the simplest solution I could do and it still probably took me like 2.2 hours maybe 3. Looking for feedback, should I have used a return instead of a console.log? How do I see the results of that without the log? I’ll try to play around with that. I’d like to try and do this to an html file and see the generator in a browser. Maybe have a fortune ball as a picture.

let rand0=Math.floor(Math.random()*5);
let rand1=Math.floor(Math.random()*5);
let rand2=Math.floor(Math.random()*5);
//let rand3=Math.floor(Math.random()*5);
function run(rand0,rand1,rand2){
if (rand0==0) {
console.log(‘Jupiter is telling me’)
} else if (rand0==1) {
console.log(‘Mars is telling me’)
} else if (rand0==2) {
console.log(‘Venus influence’)
} else if (rand0==3) {
console.log(‘Pluto talkin bout’)
} else if (rand0==4) {
console.log(‘Neptune said’)
} else {console.log(‘error contact your technological astrologer department’)}
//console.log(you got ${rand0})

if (rand1==0) {
    console.log('You gotta answer if for yourself')
} else if (rand1==1) {
    console.log('yes, deffinetly')
} else if (rand1==2) {
    console.log('nah brah')
} else if (rand1==3) {
    console.log('outlook not so good')
} else if (rand1==4) {
    console.log('outlook good')
} else {console.log('error contact your technological astrologer department')}
//console.log(`you got ${rand1}`)

if (rand2==0) {
    console.log("I'm quite confident")
} else if (rand2==1) {
    console.log("I'm pretty sure")
} else if (rand2==2) {
    console.log("I don't really know though")
} else if (rand2==3) {
    console.log("but I'm wrong, do the opposite")
} else if (rand2==4) {
    console.log("I'm confident in that")
} else {console.log('error contact your technological astrologer department')}
//console.log(`you got ${rand2}`)