Associations II /Movies II 5/3

I am getting the same error which has already been posted in several topics. The bug I am seeing is identical to the previously posted topics here and here.

I have reported the bug. I tried running the exact code which was posted in the first link and got an error identical to the screen shots posted in that thread.

It’s frustrating to see that this is an old issue which hasn’t been fixed.

Edit to add that I’ve also noticed that ‘get code’ doesn’t overwrite the show.html.erb file. So even if you do use the help link, you can’t verify that you’ve learned what you’re supposed to from that step.

Hi @erikaeliz,

Would you please try resetting the exercise, and going through it again? “Get Code” usually works for me. Is there something in show.html.erb you’re expecting it to change?

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