Associations I - Frustration with the class

I am working on the associations I part of the rails course.

I have run into 3 problems that, although they have solutions, the solutions need to be applied at each step of the course. They are:

  1. /usr/bin/node is missing from the installation. I comment the include from the application.css stylesheet, but the file is periodically refreshed, and I have to fix it again.

  2. tzinfo, and tzinfo-data are missing from the system and the Gemfile. I can install them and fix the Gemfile, but again the files are refreshed and “rails routes” (amooung other things) is broken again.

  3. When I use a “render new” in my controller files, the browser goes looking for “localhost:8765”.
    I grep’d through my files to see if I was setting a default port somewhere, but the only place that number shows up in the log files.

All of thsese are installation problems, with fixes, and tend to confusing things while trying to learn rails, as it is not usually clear whether these are my errors, or problems with the sandbox we develop in. The frustration level has finally risen to where I feel I am no longer learning, but I am just fighting with the system.

I don’t know if there is a solution to this, but I feel that you need the feed back for you consideration.