Associations 1 "bundle install Gemsfile" works but wont continue


I did "rails new TravelApp" which works. But installing gems is turning instruction pink.
However, all the gems seem to have worked.
Also typing "rails", "bundle" or other commands do not give all the arguments


Hi @robinlrandall,

Could you please post a screenshot of the browser so I can see what you're seeing? I'm having a hard time understanding exactly what the problem is (also, a link to the exercise would be great!).



@robinlrandall So typing bundle install in the terminal doesn't pass you through the next step?


OK it does. don't know why "bundle install Gemfile" does not work. You
could give a hint.

Looking at Browser it is not clear what to add next. Maybe "get
'/travelApp' => 'Page#home" ???


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don't know why "bundle install Gemfile" does not work. You
could give a hint

I've actually already answered that for someone else right here - Bundler only works with a specific file, so you don't need to specify it.

it is not clear what to add next

Nothing complicated yet, just type rails s -p 8000 in the terminal to start up the server, then you'll visit the page in the local browser to the right of the terminal. You'll be adding routes in later exercises :slight_smile:


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